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  January 2016

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Google Glass comeback?
10 Local Link Building Tips for 2016
Cloud about to empty on Safe Harbour?

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Google Glass comeback?

Remember Google Glass?

About a year ago Big G gave Google Glass a 'strategic reset' elbow to one of its research divisions.

Many people thought that the reason for this was that it made the wearer look like a dork, allegedly.

But with wearable technology looking like a potentially very rich market, Google have a new version.

It's aimed at the enterprise businesses initially, such as health care and manufacturing, with perhaps a consumer version to come later.

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10 Local Link Building Tips for 2016

If you're a SME business and want to rise up the rankings, you really need to spend some time thinking about getting links from local sites.

Now, getting links to your website is one of the most valuable things you can do, because it is like a 'vote' for your site.

But it is not easy. How do you you get people to link to you?

Here are 10 practical and achievable tips that can build links to your site.

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Cloud about to empty on Safe Harbour?

After a ruling at the end of last year, the regulations for US businesses storing your data in the 'Cloud' may be changing.

EU regulations require that its citizens' personal data must be stored in places that provide adequate privacy protection.

To keep the wheels of industry running smoothly, an agreement called 'Safe Harbour' was brokered between the EU and US firms that allowed them to 'self-certify' that protection, and loads of companies took advantage of it.

But in October 2015, the EU decided that Safe Harbour was invalid. Cue much negotiating for a new deal and policy changes at many of the big companies.

At this point, no new deal is in place, so what happens?

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