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Did you survive Mobilegeddon?

Well Mobilegeddon has come and gone and it appears the sky hasn't fallen in… yet.

April 21st was the date Google started rolling out their 'mobile friendly' update. The update, nicknamed Mobilegeddon by some industry wags, will give websites lower rankings if they have not been optimised for mobile use.

Sites that have been mobile-optimised are given higher rankings and a 'Mobile Friendly' tag in the results (see pic).

Surprisingly, there hasn't been much evidence of site owners complaining of lost rankings. Perhaps it is a little early, or maybe everyone who values their mobile traffic have already made their sites mobile friendly! Google reported there are 4.7% more mobile friendly sites today than two months ago.

The UK Business Insider published a list of brands that would be punished by the update. Some interesting names there including SNP, Ryanair, and David Beckham!

No doubt they are all working furiously to update their websites.

Read the Business Insider list …


Font Chooser

Last month we pointed you to a cheatsheet covering the use of quotes and apostrophes.

This time, continuing the theme, something even better - a flowchart to help you choose fonts.

Simply start at the start, answer the questions in the flowchart to determine the characteristics of what you want to convey, and presto… it will lead you to a font that matches your requirements.

You can just read it from the webpage or it's available as a 18"x12" poster.

C'mon, forget Arial!

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Twitter Woes

Twitter released disappointing Q1 trading results this month, wiping billions off the company's value.

To rub salt further in the wounds, the results were actually released earlier than intended and made public by a tweet which was credited with killing the share price!

On the face of it, their figures were not that bad - revenue was up to $436m, a 74% increase from last year.

However, that was less than forecast and they also made a net loss of $162m.

Many are now suggesting Twitter may need to look at changing their business model and service.

Read more …


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