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March 2015

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Typography ‘Cheatsheet’
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If you're 'Mobile Unfriendly'..

As we reported last month, Google are going large on this 'Mobile-friendly' stuff.

We're now seeing the Mobile-friendly tag markers in their mobile search results (see pic).

Big deal, right?

Well, it might be a bigger deal come 21st April. That is when they start rolling out a new algorithm for their search results.

If your website isn't 'mobile-friendly', it might suffer in the search rankings.

But for some offenders, it might not be so bad…

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Typography ‘Cheatsheet’

Ever wonder when to use straight quotes, smart quotes, single quotes or double?

Thought so. Luckily we're able to help you out.

Typewolf, a great font website, has a typography cheatsheet that you can view or even download and pin on your wall.

When is it okay to use dumb quotes? What's the correct use of apostrophes? Ems or dashes?

We all get them wrong, all the time - just have a look at this page!

The answers are here. You know you need them.

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Tomorrow's Customers

Goldman Sachs have recently released a report about the Millennials - that demographic group of people born between 1980 and 2000.

It's focussed on the US, but some of the findings are pretty relevant closer to home.

If all the observations are taken into account, it's possible to get a view of the potential characteristics of the future buying public - what tomorrow's customers will be like.

So if you could take into account at least some of these characteristics when building your future products and services, maybe you can give yourself a chance to get some Millennial lucre (or more likely, their parents').

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