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 January 2012

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Inverclyde Biologicals new site
Blot CMS goes mobile
Want your life story on Facebook?

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Google targets ad-heavy pages

Ranking demotion of sites with too many adverts.


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Inverclyde Biologicals new site

Inverclyde Biologicals are a blood banking and tissue services product manufacturer and supplier based at Strathclyde Business Park.

We've recently completed their new website which utilises the Blot CMS and Product Catalogue so they can update the site themselves, both webpages and product information.

It also has a unique Certificate of Analysis facility which will save both customers and Inverclyde staff time and energy in producing these special certificates. Instead of producing these manually on request, the certificates can now be produced online on the website, and printed or emailed.

New Inverclyde Biologicals site. . .


Blot CMS goes mobile

One day we will (just maybe) use one device for internet, phone, camera and music.

Right now people are using their mobile device for internet access more than ever.

The form factor (shape and size) of the devices still make it not the idea device to access large webpages, so we're doing more mobile specific development.

In that spirit, we've created a special web app for the Blot CMS, which will launch in February. It will allow you to update your webpages and news, wherever you are, from your mobile device.

Blot CMS. . .

Want your life story on Facebook?

As Facebook gets closer to their $100bn public flotation which will apparently net Mark Zuckerberg around $25bn (buddy, can you spare a million?), they've just announced a new feature/minor makeover.

It's the Timeline. Timeline puts your Facebook 'life' of posts etc and organises them in days, months and years. You can fill in the blanks to add milestone stuff about your pre-Facebook life, like baby pictures, graduation and that unfortunate nightclub incident.....

The idea is that your whole life story can be plugged in with text, pictures and video.

No doubt this will be popular, but I think many Facebook users might give this a wide berth.

Read the article. . .

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