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 November 2011

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New Blot Office
Really Great Training go mobile
Facebook Lost Generation

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Google Algorithm Changes

10 recent changes in the Google ranking algorithm


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New Blot Office

This month, we've moved to new offices at 45 Frederick Street, right in the heart of Edinburgh's centre.

We are in the Belgrave Business Centre, on the second floor, above Cafe Rouge. More space and facilities, and closer to restaurants and bars (ahem....)

Phone numbers, email addresses haven't changed, only the office address.

Our contact details. . .


Really Great Training go mobile

Really Great Training provide professional skills training all over Europe.

We've recently completed their mobile/tablet site in conjunction with our friends at Zipwire Design. This is a mini-site containing key parts of the main site including training courses and it is built to work on these smaller devices.

This is an industry trend we're seeing more of - where companies want a mobile specific website that operates very much like a mobile app. In fact this site can install itself as an app on your iPhone pages if you let it - so you can always get to RGT's information quickly.

Just go to the home page with a mobile device and it will automatically ask you if you'd like to use the mobile version.

RGT home page. . .

The Facebook Lost Generation

We're users (and fans) of Facebook. It's a great way of interacting with friends and, in a business environment, a great way to promote your business.

I don't know about you though, but I'm getting a little tired of these one-size-fits-all promoters of Facebook and social media in general. The fact is there are a lot of people out there who do not, and probably never will, use Facebook.

So here's an article about the Facebook Lost Generation and a message to businesses that says, to paraphrase one of valued clients;

"Make effective use of the social networks rather than just tipping into them because they are there."

Read the article. . .

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