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 October 2011

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The Regals
Granny's email marketing
Lumia smartphones

Just off the wire

Would you believe it?

In 1980, 1Gb disk cost $200,000.
In 2011, 1024Gb disk costs $100.


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Classic retro from the Regals

Jazz, Swing, 50s and 60s music mixed in with some soulful modern hits - that's the classic retro sound that the Regals band bring to functions, receptions and parties all over the country. .

Scalable from solo events up to a 12-piece Big Band, they cater for all tastes and occasions.

Watch and listen to them in the Media section of their new web site or check out the Gallery photos - you can really get a feel of what they can do.

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Email marketing for Granny

If you're reading this newsletter, you'll know how much we value email marketing as a cost effective way of talking to your community.

Having said that, designing and writing email marketing messages can be time consuming and complicated, but now there is a simple way of getting started - Tiny Letter.

Tiny Letter is an free email marketing service that is incredibly easy to get up and running.

Yes, the options are limited but it's so simple, your granny could do it (with the greatest respect).

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Lumia - Nokia and Microsoft get smart

In November, we'll see the fruits of the Nokia/Microsoft venture to produce a smartphone that will seriously compete with iPhones and Android models.

The Nokia Lumia will come in two models - 800 and 710, with the 710 being aimed at 'emerging markets' and the 800 being the real competition for the smartphone heavyweights.

With Nokia hardware expertise and the Windows Mobile operating system, it will be very interesting to see if these models can make serious inroads to the smartphone market. If it can, it might be the signal for a Nokia revival.

Read more about the Lumia. . .

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