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 August 2011

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Get the Blot filter!
Google+ for business coming soon
EMI lawsuit important for music copyright

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Au revoir Steve Jobs

Top of Apple tree steps down.


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Get the Blot filter!

If you've got a website with a contact form, you probably get unsolicited people, promising to get you to the top of the search engines.

We get them all the time, and our site is at the top or near the top of the rankings for loads of phrases!

The senders (human or otherwise) don't know you, the messages are annoying and take up time, so we've written a filter that sifts out the messages.

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Google+ for business coming soon

Last month we talked about the new Google+ feature on search results that allows social media participants to 'like' an entry on search results.

At the momment,it's not possible to create Google+ business pages or to add a Google+ 'like' facility to one of your own webpages, but Google recently said this may change in 'the next few months'.

With 27million people already signed up for Google+, you can bet it is going to have significance for business.

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EMI lawsuit important for music copyright

This month a judge ruled that music locker site MP3tunes did not promote infringement with their online music storage service.

The lawsuit, brought by EMI, continues to make it difficult for the established music industry to regulate music on the Internet.

This is the third time a US federal court has ruled in favour of companies who offer this type of storage service and may see a change in the way music companies attempt to stop illegal file sharing

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