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 July 2011

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Opens down? Don't despair
Do you really want to Google+ it?
Nail those data roaming charges

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Google confirm Panda tweak

Many sites that suffered through the February change are now restored.


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Opens down? Don't despair

In addition to our own newsletter, we provide email marketing services to several other companies - writing copy, designing and creating the email, distributing it and reporting.

A trend we have noticed across the board over the last 12-18 months is that the 'open' statistics have, almost universally, fallen.

Normally this would be cause for alarm - it suggests that fewer subscribers are showing interest in the articles. However, the clickthroughs - the links that people click for more information - show this is not the case.

Read why your 'open' stats may not be telling you the truth. . .


Do you really want to Google+ it?

Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook and it's trial release has been hugely popular.

It's got some features that address long-standing gripes of Facebook users.

Like the idea of 'Circles' within your social network community for more control about what you send out and to whom. So you could send a message that only goes to your 'Pub' circle and another that goes to your 'Book Club' circle.

So why have they made such a mess of their equivalent of 'liking'?

Read the article. . .

Nail those data roaming charges!

Data roaming charges must be the most disliked aspect of travelling with a mobile phone. The charges are simply ridiculous.

There's now a free iPhone (sorry non-iPhone users) app that can potentially cut your data charges right down. It's called Onavo and works by compressing the data to and from your phone.

The compression means there is less data, so your bills are less, too.

So if you dread next month's mobile bill after you've been abroad, might be worth installing Onavo.

Find out more . . .

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