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 June 2011

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UPDATE Scotland ads
End for Facebook
Microsoft goes to the Cloud

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ICAN pass new domains

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UPDATE Scotland adverts

We've just done a series of magazine adverts and a flyer for Edinburgh charity UPDATE Scotland.

The PR was to promote their disability information service and to offer potential customers a free trial of the information service which includes the 4500+ records on their SCOOP database.

Like any good campaign, we wanted to measure the success of each type of promotion, so we created a set of landing pages for each promotion. In this way, we can check the number of views and conversions for the promotion and use this information to influence future promotional activity.

UPDATE Scotland website. . .


The End for Facebook

It had to happen.

This article suggests that people are leaving Facebook in droves; 100,000 Brits deactivated their Facebook accounts in May and 6 million did the same in the US.

This needs to be balanced agains the squillions of new users signing up in the New Frontiers of India etc, but it does raise a serious point for Facebook - they need wealthy westerners clicking on their ads to purchase goods from their advertisers. New Frontier users are less likely to do so.

So as Mark Zuckerburg frets about where the next billion is coming from, has the Facebook bubble burst?

Read the article. . .

Microsoft goes to the Cloud

Microsoft is making Excel and Word, the company's flagship applications, available online in the 'Cloud'.

This means that instead of the apps being installed on your computer, you will be able to use them as hosted applications living on a servers somewhere in the internet Cloud.

It's a clear response to Google and others' applications such as Google Docs and it will keep them 'in the game', but how this must go against the Microsoft grain.

The whole company has been built on applications (and operating systems) that live on PCs.

Are they capable of changing their culture to instead be in the Cloud?

Find out more . . .

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