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 May 2011

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Take a Peek in the Cupboard
Microsoft buy Skype
SEO Do it Yourself

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Google 'likes' +1

Google's answer to the Facebook Like will be out soon.


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Take a Peek in the Cupboard

The Cupboard is a fabulous designer boutique in Edinburgh.

It's a little bit of London, Paris, New York and Rome, all at the same time, right in the West End of Edinburgh.

If you're a style-conscious shopper with an eye for stunning designer clothes from names such as Crea Concept, Creenstone coats, Lauren Vidal, Elemente Clemente and many more, you need to take a peek in the Cupboard.

Saturday 11th of June is the first day of the Cupboard Summer Sale. It's a great opportunity to treat yourself (or someone special) to that little something that will just complete your wardrobe for the summer.

You'll be assured of a warm welcome from Doreen and her staff, so put the 11th in your diary and get down to 10 William Street for a great day's shopping.

What to look out for on the 11th. . .


Skype bought by Microsoft

Microsoft have purchased Skype - the company whose product allows you to make phone calls over the internet - for $8.5bn.

It will be interesting to see how this works out. Microsoft's track record in large acquisitions has been decidedly iffy and recently their purchases have been smaller, easier to manage companies.

But with CEO Steve Balmer under pressure from shareholders and competitors, they needed to make a big gesture, plus it keeps the technology away from Facebook and Google!

What will they do with it? There's quite a bit of overlap already with Live Messenger, so we'll probably see some consolidation with that product and it might even make some money for them (but probably not much!)

Look out for Skype in future Windows versions?

Read the article. . .

SEO Do it Yourself

Most website owners would like their site to be ranked high in the search engines. What they usually don't do is include an amount in their budget to carry out search engine marketing or optimisation work.

The cost of SEO/SEM can be high, particularly in competitive markets. This is because it is a manpower intensive process - it can take a lot of time.

That's the bad news. The good news is that you can do a lot of the work yourself. If you know what you're doing, have got some time and are disciplined, then you can achieve good results.

That's where our SEO training course can help you. It teaches you the search engine key fundamentals and gives your the ability to take control of your own SEO.

Find out more . . .

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