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 March 2011

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It all adds up with Abacus
Banks - don't you love them?
Address capture for Blot apps

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It all adds up with Abacus

Tired of faceless banks with poor customer focus?

John Kerr and Simon Mackenzie at Abacus Asset Finance had first hand experience of the difficulties in dealing with giants of the finance industry when they set up the company in 2000.

Their aim was to provide a range of funding services with a genuine interest and focus on their customers.

They fund assets including fleet, plant, equipment... even aeroplanes!

So if you're looking to develop and grow your business and can't get the funding answers you want, it might be worth getting in touch with Abacus.

new abacus asset website. . .


Banks - don't you love them?

The banks have had a tough time over the last few years, haven't they?

Maybe they deserve it after 'screwing up the world's economy and ruining the lives of millions', to paraphrase Drayton Bird.

But when the world has a banking infrastructure that just cannot afford to fail, what can you expect?

Mind you, after all that has happened you'd like to think that getting closer to their customers might be higher on the agenda than before.

But judging our little example this month, maybe that is too much to ask for.

Read the article. . .

Address capture for Blot applications?

Have you seen those cool facilities on websites where you can just enter your postcode and it will autofill your address into the page?

This kind of functionality is delivered through address management services, which license address databases from the Post Office or similar.

We've recently had a proposal to integrate this kind of facility into some of the Blot applications including the ecommerce system, property management system, and event booking.

If you're a user of any of those Blot applications (or others) and think this could be of benefit to you or your online clients, please get in touch.

Blot applications . . .

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