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January 2011

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Compliant web marketing
O2 - Wi-Fi champions!
Free Photoshop alternative

Just off the wire

1000 Europe jobs for Google

Google have just announced 1000 sales and engineering jobs for Europe.


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Compliant web marketing?

From March this year, the Advertising Standards Authority's remit is going to extend to cover 'marketing communications' on organisations' websites.

In addition to your website, it also covers anything you are posting or have control of on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The rules aim to ensure your marketing communications remain 'legal, decent, honest and truthful'.

It goes without saying you should not be making unsubstantiated claims in your marketing communications, but you can register with the ASA for guidance and training to make sure.

They say they will name and shame non-compliers, get search engines to remove paid search advertising and even post adverts on search engines highlighting the non-compliers - so watch out!

Read about the ASA remit . . .


O2 - Free Wi-Fi champions!!

Regular readers will know how much we use wi-fi when we're out and about, whether in the UK or overseas. And how much we dislike hotels and cafés who charge for it.

So we were very happy to read about O2's plans to replace their existing 450 Cloud hotspots with a network of 15,000 hotspots which will, according to O2, be 'genuinely free' and be available by 2013.

The network will be available to both O2 and non-O2 customers and so will directly compete with their current partners.

Sounds almost too good be true, but one of the benefits O2 will get is the reduction of traffic on the 3G network in densly populated areas. Bring it on!

Read the article. . .

Free Photoshop alternative

If you look after a website at some point or another you'll need to be able to resize, crop or change resolution of an image/photo.

A while back we examined this in our article Website Images 101.

Last week a client of ours showed me a new PC package called Paint.Net which is like a cut down version of Adobe Photoshop and it could be a useful new addition to your web management tools.

It's free and it lets you resize, crop and change resolution (all from the Image menu).

Download Paint.Net . . .

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