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November 2010

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20% VAT Increase
Facebook online adverts

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The New 20% VAT Rate

Another year, another VAT change - don't you just love it?

It's maybe obvious, but in addition to the admin costs and hassle of changing the rate that becomes effective on 4th Jan 2011, any business also needs to consider the fact that 2.5% is being removed from the gross income of most if not all of their products or services.

In most ecommerce systems (eg the Blot ecommerce system), it's a simple thing to change the VAT rate, but you might want to revise pricing or other aspects of your system.

You might also want to find out how you can 'bank' orders at the current rate and whole raft of other information. Read the VAT article from our friends at Springfords Accountants.

Read about the VAT increase . . .


Facebook now online ad king

We've talked before about the online advertising facilities available through Facebook and how you can target adverts to chosen demographics.

Well it looks like people are starting to 'Like' Facebook advertising!

Latest figures show that approximately one third of online advertising is now going Facebook's way.

The majority of these ads were placed by big corporates, but might there be something in it for the SMEs?


Lemmy + Kronenbourg - the perfect advert?

Anyone old enough to remember the original Ace of Spades song by Lemmy and Motorhead would be surprised to find that song and the Carbuncled One could ever be held up as a great example of modern advertising.

But a couple of days ago, I saw an advert in a newspaper for Kronenbourg 1664 lager. In the advert, they highlighed Lemmy, The Ace of Spades, Kronenbourg 1664 and a link to YouTube featuring Lemmy playing an acoustic version of Ace of Spades in a French bar.

That's print, celebrity, entertainment, product, social network and video advertising all rolled into one little package.

And, having read, watched and listened, I could even remember the product being advertised. Amazing!

Watch the clip . . .

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