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October 2010

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Aero Leathers
Newsletter writing secret

Just off the wire

16 million Like Starbucks

Starbucks now has 16 million Facebook users who 'Like' the Starbucks Facebook page.


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Classic leather clothing

Aero Leather Clothing make real leather jackets and sell classic denim jeans and jackets.

Every day, vintage leather jackets are winging their way from their factory in Galashiels, Scotland to all points of the globe.

Made from horsehide or steerhide leather, the jackets are each made individually and are faithful reproductions of original WWII jackets and US work wear.

They've featured in Hollywood blockbusters, are worn by film stars and celebrities, and anyone who just wants to be warm, but look cool.

We've just completed their new website which uses the Blot ecommerce system and back-end order processing system, and showcases the clothing with great photographs.

If you're serious about leather jackets, give yourself a treat and visit the Aero Leathers site.

Enjoy the Aero Leathers jackets . . .


Secret of writing newsletter stories

What do you put in your company newsletters?

Product and industry news, tips for your customers, maybe.

All good content and popular with your clients no doubt, but would you like to know something that consistently gets high interest?

We've been preparing newsletter content for years and there is one type of story that works every time.

Find out the secret. . .

Facebook - what's in it for business?

Everyone's at it - creating Facebook pages for business. It's what the marketing people say you have to do, right?

Maybe, but what I'm seeing in the SME marketplace is lots of business Facebook pages that are pretty much duplicated content from their websites. There's no added value, so what's the point?

Big business can't resist the marketing potential of 500 million subscribers though, and the big brands are investing heavily in Facebook, so there is certainly something worthwhile in getting someone to 'Like' your business.

Can you use Facebook to promote your brand?

Read the article . . .

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