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September 2010

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pixlr to the rescue
Canonicalisation scare tactics
Private web sites

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Chrome reaches 10%

The Google browser has now reached over 10% of market share.


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pixlr to the rescue!

If you look after your own website, getting your images sized correctly and in the right resolution can be hard work - see our article Website images 101.

Now here's a new online, free service called Pixlr which allows you to edit images online.

It's like a cut-down version of Photoshop, and it is great for web images because it automatically reduces the resolution to web resolution - meaning you don't end up with images on your web page that take ages to download.

Give Pixlr a shot . . .


Canonicalisation SEO scare tactics

They may not be able to pronounce the word - we certainly can't,, but we've recently seen search engine optimisation companies using canonicalisation issues as a soft-sell scare tactic to try and win business.

Should you be worried?

Probably not, but read the article to understand what the potential issue might be and what you could do about it.

Read the article . . .

Private web sites

In the last six months or so we've developed quite a few private websites - sites that are connected to the public internet but only available to members.

These have been for a variety of businesses and groups, but all with the same aim in mind - providing information and services to their group so they can save on costs and time, and get consistent messages to their group wherever they might be.

We've done private booking systems, process management systems, library systems and a system that will probably become the first Blot 'cloud' system.

Each one so far has had a unique slant for each customer, so if you think your business or group could benefit from this kind of development, give us a call......

Contact us . . .

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