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August 2010

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Local Business Listings
IE6 - the browser of choice!

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Search figures down?

Are Internet search figures in the US really down 16% from last year?


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Local Business listings

When you do a Google search, have you noticed those listings at the top of the results that show a map and a list of local businesses?

There are not too many easy ways of getting your site listed high on Google, but this is one right now.

It may not last forever, so take advantage while you can.

How to get on Local Business listings . . .


Has your site been copied?

You've spent weeks getting your website content just how you want it.

It's your own special creation and no-one can ever take it away from you, can they?

Wrong. Unfortunately, there are always people who think it's ok to take things from others, and your web content is fair game to them.

Luckily, there is a free service that can check who has been availing themselves of your content. Copyscape.

Try typing www.blotdesign.com into Copyscape to see who the bad boys are that have been nicking text from the Blot home page..

Check out Copyscape . . .

UK government announce love of IE6!

You really couldn't make it up.

The UK government, which is probably one of the biggest standards aligning, regulations requiring, red tape generating, most politically correct organisation in the world, have decided that the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 browser is the one they want all their departments to continue using.

This is despite the history of security hacks, general lack of html standards and catalogue of bugs......

Read why they think it's ok. . .

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