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July 2010

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Best iPhone App?
'Alt' tags

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New Blot Office

We've moved into our new office in Darnaway Street. Contact details below. Just reminding you.


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Is your Bing Maps entry correct?

Local business listings have become an important place to have your business registered. The business listings are often shown at the top of a Google or Bing search in the form of a map with businesses shown as pins on the map.

Getting your business registered with Google, although a little complicated, is done through your Google account. Bing Maps are a different proposition entirely, as we found out when trying to get the entry changed.

After a bit of digging we discovered how it is currently maintained, so read the article to find out. Remember, Bing is a growing search engine, so it's wise not to ignore it.

Read the article . . .


Best iPhone App?

The new iOS4 operating system for the Apple iPhone has got lots of new features that keep the iPhone at the forefront of mobile technology and one of the features makes a huge difference if you use the Skype for iPhone phone application.

This feature means you can use Skype to make and receive calls pretty much anywhere in the world on your iPhone, saving you a fortune in phone calls and allowing you to run a real 'mobile' business.

Read about Skype for iPhone . . .

'Alt' tags can make a difference

The lowly Alt tag is often misunderstood and misused (Internet Explorer being one of the biggest sinners).

It's not for tooltips, it's not a title, it's not even a tag! It's to provide text as an alternative when a browser isn't able to display images. If used properly, it can also help you with search engines.

If you update your website, you probably have the power to use it properly.

Read the article . . .

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