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May 2010

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Web fonts to expand?
Read it Later
Murdoch and Google

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New Blot Office

Blot have finally got a new office in the New Town area of Edinburgh. Contact details coming in the next newsletter.


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Web fonts to expand?

One of the biggest bugbears in web development is the limited number of fonts available. Anyone not just a little tired of Arial?

Wrapped up in the HTML5 and CSS3 advancements is something that has been around for quite a while that could make the use of different fonts commonplace and help your site look even better.

This facility allows the developer to load up all sorts of different fonts for use in a webpage. Getting around the licensing problem with this is Google, with their Font Directory.

Read more . . .


Read it Later

It's hard not to suffer from information overload these days, there is just so much 'stuff' thrown at you from the web and email.

How often, though, have you seen something on the web and through, 'I must read that, but haven't time right now'?

You could bookmark it, Facebook it, Delicious it, but we've found Read It Later, an application that can run on your browser and/or your mobile which lets you save content for later reading, whether you are online or not - great for catching up when you're traveling.

Find out about Read It Later . . .

Murdoch and Google

Here's an interesting article where we see a highly successful businessman who has built his business in, shall we call them 'traditional ways' showing displeasure about a highly sucessful 'modern' business which probably goes against just about everything he believes in.

Clearly, the two cultures clash, but the interesting thing is - what is likely to happen?

It is hard to see any scenario where Murdoch could reasonably stop Google, and would they care anyway? Is it simply a case of the new replacing the old?

Read the article . . .

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