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January 2010

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The High Road with Glentrek
Financial Fitness Test
Microformatting & RDFa

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Blot looking for new office

It looks like our office at Mayfield is not going to be available soon in the future, so we're looking for new office accommodation. If you know anywhere that has availability, please let us know...


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The High Road with Glentrek

Glentrek walking holidays We've just revamped the website of Angus-based walking, cycling and hiking company Glentrek.

It's a peculiar Scottish trait that we don't seem to appreciate what we've got on our doorstep. As we hang our heads in shame, we've now got no excuse because Glentrek now offer guided walking, hiking and cycling holidays and breaks all over the Angus Glens and Eastern Highlands.

Dundee is the usual starting point and Glentrek can arrange transport from there, so getting to the glens is not a problem.

And if you're already an accomplished visitor to those parts, Glentrek can organise your walking or cycling break to suit your needs and take all the hassle out of arranging accommodation and shipping luggage etc.

They cater for individuals and groups, so if you're thinking about a weekend away for your workmates, friends or family, Glentrek are the company to get in touch with.

See the Glentrek site . . .


Financial Fitness Test

Springfords fitness testIt's a new year, the gyms are full with people working off the holiday excesses and getting themselves back in shape. It's a good time you gave your business a fitness test too.

Springfords Accountants are always looking at ways to help their clients and recently set up a Financial Fitness Test which will analyse the way you handle the financial parts of your business by asking a series of questions.

It produces a report (available as a pdf),, giving you a score out of 100 and recommendations the analysis thinks might be beneficial to your business.

It's free, takes about a minute and might give your some valuable suggestions.

Take the test . . .

Microformat tags for search engines

wc3 semantic webHave you noticed how the search engines are sometimes including extra information in their results? For example on a product page, they might include a line about the number of reviews for a product or perhaps the product price.

This is happens because the pages contain special microformatting or WC3 RDFa tags - so-called rich snippets - that 'tell' the search engine about the structured information the pages hold.

Pretty geeky, but if it helps make draw attention to your pages on the search engines, it's got to be worthwhile. We've been incorporating it in the latest versions of the Blot CMS, so it will be interesting to see what happens - could be the future of SEO!

Article about Google and RDFa. . .

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