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October 2009

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Ignoring Social Networking?
3 good reasons for Bing
Are sitemaps useful?

Just off the wire

Blot office - getting there!

The builders are hard at work replacing and replastering the walls that got soaked.

Still going to be a while before we're back in, but finally some light at the end of the tunnel.


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Ignoring social networking?

social networkingSocial networking? Are you sick of hearing about the likes of Steven Fry and Twitter and all that stuff?

More than likely, but social networking is the modern way to communicate and it's probably here to stay.

But there is another side to social networking than logging on and telling the world all about your secrets. There are so many people are using it, it's an ideal medium for advertising.

It might be the perfect place for you to promote your products and services, so ignoring it might be to your cost.

Read the article . . .


3 good reasons for Bing

BingWe've already commented on Bing (the new Microsoft search engine) in a previous newsletter.

Since then, a couple of new sites we've developed have taken a long time to appear on Bing which has led us to examine the value of Bing.

Our article comes up with 3 very good reasons for your site to have a Bing listing.

Bottom line is, if you're not listed in Bing now, you really should be.

Check Bing to see if your site is listed. . .

Are sitemaps useful?

SitemapsEvery day, we hear misinformed untruths about search engines.

Keywords, meta tags, whatever,, most of the time it's wide of the mark..

Recently, sitemaps have been getting airplay. Is this the thing that's going to get you to page #1 on Google?

Our article looks at sitemaps and whether they can help your ranking.

Find out more. . .

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