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Updated Google every second?

New sparqs site

Cloud computing - what's that?

Google website optimizer


Updated Google every second?
Larry Page, one of the Google founders, was asked recently about Twitter and responded with an answer that was extremely interesting. He said he always thought Google need to index the web every second so any search would almost be in real-time.

That sounds almost impossible, but say what you want about Twitter, for web applications that generate changes so dramatically, a useful search engine in theory needs to provide that kinds of indexing speed.

So in the future, a change to your web site might be on Google a couple of seconds after your key your change!

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  Welcome to the May 2009 edition.
  • New sparqs site
  • sparqs assists students' associations and further and higher institutions to empower students to improve their educational experience.

    We've just completed the final phase of a major new website development for sparqs.

    The development

    • uses the Blot CMS extensively, with multi level subsections
    • The Clearing House system to showcase key documents
    • The Blot event booking system, to list events and allow online bookings
    The site uses a great graphic design from our friends at Studio 9 and you can see it at www.sparqs.ac.uk.

    See the sparqs site ....
  • Cloud computing - what's that?
  • Any idea what cloud computing is? This month we attended the Future of Web Applications (FOWA) event and one of the major themes was cloud computing and the considerations that need to be addressed.

    Likelihood is that you're already a cloud computing user, but will you every need a cloud application for your business idea? If you've got a great idea and some investment capital, then maybe. Read the article and find out.

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  • Google website optimizer
  • Here's a brilliant tool from Google.

    If you've ever wondered what would happen to your success rates on a page if you changed a heading, some text or maybe an image, Google Optimizer can help you find out.

    It allows you to store several different versions of a page, each with a different version of the feature you are considering changing and the outcome you want to happen when a user lands on that page.

    The optimizer then tracks the traffic to the page and which version generates the highest number of your preferred outcome.

    It takes a bit of setting up, but can be invaluable if you can find out what really works in getting your visitor to do the thing you want.

    Check it out...
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