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April 2009

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New site for SVR

Future of MySQL with Oracle

Business networking - visit our group!


There are lots of personal productivity tools around and we've tried quite a few of them with no great success, but here's one that seems to work well for us - and it's free (or at least can be).

It's called Toodledo. An on-line to-do list that gives you a very flexible way to organise your tasks, so you end up with a system that you can tailor to your needs, rather than being forced to work with the system.

If you are a fan of David Allen's GTD, it handles a lot of the GTD concepts.

The paid version provides extras like collaboration and sub-tasks, but the free version is pretty good, so if you feel disorganised, give it a go.

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  Welcome to the April 2009 edition.
  • New site for SVR
  • This month has seen the launch of a new site for Scottish Veterans Residences, the charity that provides independent living for our ex-service men and women.

    The site makes comprehensive use of the Blot software range including :

    In addition to showcasing the charity and its accommodation, the site also provides a Veterans Housing Portal section, providing invaluable help for service veterans.

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  • Future of MySQL with Oracle
  • There was a sharp intake of breath in the web world this month when news was announced of Oracle Corporation's agreement with Sun Microsystems to acquire the Sun business.

    This may work out to be a great development for the 400 Sun employees at the Linlithgow site. What is also not clear is what Oracle will do with the MySQL database they will inherit with the buyout.

    MySQL is used by web developers and ISPs worldwide to provide a database engine for web applications and it has often touted itself as an alternative to Oracle's enterprise database, so Oracle's plans for MySQL will be monitored closely by the web community.

    What will Oracle do? Some of the options are outlined in our article.

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  • Business networking - visit our group!
  • Blot Design is a member of the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each week we meet on a Thursday morning for breakfast and to exchange and refer business between our members. It's a great way of doing business (only one company from any business area can join, so there is no competition between members).

    If you think your business could benefit from networking like this, you're welcome to attend as our guest:

    • Thursday mornings
    • 6:45am
    • Novatel Hotel, Hermiston Gate, Edinburgh
    Our group is thriving. And as it has grown, the amount of business exchanged has increased dramatically. Get in touch if you'd like to come along and see how it works.

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