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November 2008

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Yahoo and Microsoft set to get friendly?

Art at its finest - Alexander Talbot Rice

Springfords get the message out!

Business networking - visit our group!


Yahoo and Microsoft set to get friendly?
Well, they turned down a $33 per share offer from Microsoft in the summer, but Yahoo are looking at a new offer from Microsoft that involves their online search business only.

As Microsoft and Yahoo fall behind Google in the search business, maybe they both see it's the benefits of consolidation. Yahoo share price is in the low teens and their co-founder is leaving, so this might be an ideal time for them to join forces.

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Welcome to the November edition.
  • Art at its finest - Alexander Talbot Rice
  • One of the great things in our business is that we get to meet amazing businesses and people.

    Someone who falls right into this category is Alexander Talbot Rice - a portrait artist of the highest quality.

    Alexander has painted portraits of the HRH the Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and many others you can see in his gallery. He's also established an Academy for up and coming young artists which will foster their talent at centres of excellence around the world.

    Have a look at the his recently completed website where you can enjoy his art and find out a little more about him.

  • Springfords get the message out!
  • We've recently been working with Springfords Chartered Accountants to help them get their email newsletter off the ground. Springfords have got lots of good information to impart to their customers and prospects including an online business fitness assessment, updates on useful tax and accounting issues, and recent office news.

    First of all, we created a new subsite for them to hold their news stories that integrates seamlessly with their core website. It allows them to publish their own news items using the Blot CMS system.

    Then we built their newsletter, created their contact database and sent out the first newsletter.

    See if you can guess which was the most popular item in the newsletter.

    Springfords news site.....
  • Business networking - visit our group!
  • Blot Design is a member of the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each week we meet on a Thursday morning for breakfast and to exchange and refer business between our members. It's a great way of doing business (only one company from any business area can join, so there is no competition between members).

    If you think your business could benefit from networking like this, you're welcome to attend as our guest:

    • Thursday mornings
    • 6:45am
    • Novatel Hotel, Hermiston Gate, Edinburgh
    Our group is thriving. As it grows, the amount of business exchanged has increased dramatically. Get in touch if you'd like to come along and see how it works.

    +44 (0)131 478 2606
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