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Google's Wikipedia killer

A new search engine - Cuil or what?

Getting the best from eCommerce

Business networking


Google's Wikipedia killer
The Wikipedia on-line encyclopaedia has been wildly successful, with around 2m unique visitors every day. Around 50% of these visitors get there from Google.

If you were Google, you might think you were missing out on an advertising opportunity, so guess what they have done - they've created Google Knol - the Wikipedia killer.

Knol has differences of course, for example the encyclopedia will be moderated by professional editors - not the web community like Wikipedia.

It might be great, but it does bring up all sorts of potential conflicts of interest - e.g. will Knol pages rate better on Google searches?

Check out Knol....

July in Edinburgh - Phew, what a scorcher!!!!
  • A new search engine - Cuil or what?
  • After 19 years, is the dominance of Google about to be challenged?

    Well, three former Google employees have launched a new search engine (with the help of $33m venture capital) which might compete with the search engine giant.

    Called Cuil - pronounced cool - (anyone remember the mighty Finn McCuil and the Salmon of Knowledge?), it boasts 3 times the number of indexed pages as Google, intelligent classification and no storage of personal search data.

    It's certainly been popular so far. Unfortunately too popular, as their servers immediately went down under the load!! Oh well.....

    Try out Cuil....
  • Getting the best from eCommerce
  • We've been doing a lot of ecommerce work lately and were interested to read the results of a recent study from the US.

    Apparantly, only around 25% of online shoppers are simply satisfied with their online shopping experience. This suggests that three-quarters of online purchases could be better.

    The report lists lots of items that shoppers would like to see improved such as:

    • quality and number of images
    • detailed product descriptions
    • stock availability
    • seeing shipping costs upfront
    As ever, content is king..

    Read the report.....
  • Business networking
  • Blot Design is a member of the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each week we meet on a Thursday morning for breakfast and to exchange and refer business between our members. It's a great way of doing business (only one company from any business area can join, so there is no competition between members).

    Any business is welcome to attend as a guest, but we're particularly looking for visitors in these categories:

    • Photographer
    • Architect
    • Sign Company
    • General Insurance
    • Travel Agent
    • IT support
    • Vehicle Supplier
    If you think your business could benefit from meeting a group of like-minded business owners each week, just contact us using the details below to come along and see how the meetings work.

    +44 (0)131 478 2606
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