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Google aiming at mobiles?

A fraction of luxury

Is Google's redirect hurting your site?

Business networking to grow your business


Google aiming at mobiles?
Our mobile phones so far have been a safe haven for unsolicited advertising. Apart from a few mysterious text messages now and then its pretty much advert free.

All this could change though if and when Google get together with the phone networks. For quite some time there have been rumours of Google's telephony plan, but nothing concrete from the company.

However, the phone companies seemed so have spurned the Google advances so far - apparently because Google wanted a 'disproportionate' amount of the ad revenues.

So now there are suggestions that Google will set itself up as a mobile operator. It could happen.

August nearly over - when's summer coming? At least there's the Blot Design newslettter!

  • A fraction of luxury
  • This month we finished a job for Acme Creative whose client, De Vere Fractional Ownership, needed a new site to showcase the fantastic Colquhoun Mansionhouse Apartments at Loch Lomond.

    Fractional ownership gives you shared ownership of a luxury apartment along with other benefits - check the site!

    The site itself uses quite a lot of fancy technology to get the message across - Flash animation, Javascript, the Blot Gallery software and even Google Maps to give people directions. Another good example of using web technologies for marketing purposes!

    View the site....
  • Is Google's redirect hurting your site?
  • Try typing 'http://www.google.com' into your browser.
    If you are in the UK, chances are that what you typed will change to http://www.google.co.uk automatically and you will be directed to the UK Google site. Our international clients will experience a similar redirect.

    On the face of it the logic behind this is pretty sound - if you are in a certain country, you are likely to want to search for content in that country.

    However, the way Google ranks web sites for these 'country' sites might penalise your web site if it has certain characteristics.

    Read the story
  • Business networking to grow your business
  • Blot Design is a member of the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each week we meet to exchange and refer business between our members. It's a great way of doing business (only one company from any business area can join, so there is no competition between members).

    We're always looking for businesses to join our group. Here's the top 6 business categories we are currently looking for:

    • Interior Designer
    • PR
    • Recruitment
    • Catering
    • General Solicitor
    If you'd like to attend as a guest and see if the meeting could work for your business, please get in touch.

    Interested in joining our group?
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