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July 2007

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BBC iPlayer service

BNI Scotland SE gets the Blot treatment

Web addresses that emails won't break

Business networking to grow your business


BBC iPlayer service
On Friday, the BBC launched their second beta version of their iPlayer service.

This is a potentially great service that lets you download BBC TV programs on your PC for up to 7 days after they were shown.

Once on your PC, you can look at the programs for up to 30 days - without being connected to the internet

The beta trial is only accepting a limited number of users so get in early, if you can!

iPlayer webpage...
Welcome to the July newsletter

  • BNI Scotland SE gets the Blot treatment
  • We've just completed the first phase of BNI Scotland South & East's new website.

    The new site provides new facilities for visitors and members to engage with BNI, including

    • Enquiries directed into their CRM system
    • Autoresponse system for interested visitors
    • Registration of visitors by members
    • A news article system
    • Blot CMS to keep the site up to date
    Iain Whyte, executive director, says, "The site will play a large part in our regional expansion programme over the coming year".

    View the site....
  • Web addresses that emails won't break
  • Have you ever pasted a long web page address into an email only for the recipient to find the address on multiple lines and un-clickable?

    Well here's a service that fixes the problem. With Tinyurl.com you just past the long address into a web page and it generates a small address (the tiny url) that you can paste into your emails.

    And it's free!!

    Tiny Url site ...
  • Business networking to grow your business
  • Blot Design is a member of the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each week we meet to exchange and refer business between our members. It's a great way of doing business (only one company from any business area can join, so there is no competition between members).

    We're always looking for businesses to join our group. Here's the top 6 business categories we are currently looking for:

    • Banker
    • Interior Designer
    • PR
    • Recruitment
    • Catering
    • General Solicitor
    If you'd like to attend as a guest and see if the meeting could work for your business, please get in touch.

    Interested in joining our group?
    +44 (0)131 478 2606
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