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January 2007

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Fun for non-gamers?

We do print, too!

Why am I nowhere on Google?

Bright lights, better environment


Fun for non-gamers?
As a rule we've never been too keen on electronic games. Just can't see the point, really. But here's something that actually does contribute to the wider good, and is a bit of electronic fun (maybe).

It's the Google Image Labeler and it helps Google classify the images in its search database so when you search for images, the results are better.

It works by pairing you up with an invisible partner, then shows both of you a series of random images. You both type in words to describe the picture (unseen by each other). Whenever the words match, you score points.

So you have fun and the search results get better.

Incidentally, Google license the game from a company called ESP, whose version of the game you might prefer.

Go on, try it....

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2007. Last year was just a blur and this year promises to be even busier with new products, services and customers..

  • We do print, too!
  • Over the last 6 months or so, we've started doing much more graphic design and print work then ever before.

    It fits well into our portfolio and compliments our web and software services.

    So the next time you're looking for things like:

    • Company id/logo
    • Brochure design
    • Letterhead
    • Business cards
    get in touch with us at Blot Design.

    Contact Blot....
  • Why am I nowhere on Google?
  • It's a common cri de coeur from web site owners.

    "I spent money on a website, but it doesn't show on the search engines", they will say.

    Well, there could be lots of reasons why this is, but normally it is because they haven't done any work for search engines.

    Web design and search engine work can be quite separate things. To rank with search engines, someone, somewhere has to do some work. In this article we explore what can be done in more detail.

    Read the article...
  • Bright lights, better environment
  • Blot Design is a member of BNI, the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each month we showcase member companies that might be of interest to you.

    This month we'd like to introduce you to Solas - Lights for Life

    Solas is the premier consultant for LED lighting solutions in Scotland. The use of LED lighting has a number of benefits in the commercial lighting world. Reduced power consumption, reduced maintenance and increased flexibility make LED technology ideal for many applications in the corporate world.

    If you're thinking of changing your lighting in your office, restaurant, bar, shop or home, give Stephen a call on 0131 337 8206.

    Interested in joining BNI?
    +44 (0)131 478 2606
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