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Free alternative to Photoshop?

by Iain Wilson

24 January 2011

If you do any website management, at some point you will need to resize or crop an image or photo. Here's a free download that will help you to do just that.

Good content management systems (like the Blot CMS) allow resizing of image on upload, but sometimes you will need to do something a little more sophisticated.

At Blot Design we mainly use Adobe Photoshop for our graphic/photo editing. It's got a fantastic array of functionality, but

  1. it is quite expensive and
  2. it is quite complicated and difficult to learn.

Most content managers will need to resize, crop and/or reduce resolution of images for web use and we've discussed this previously in our article Website Images 101. If there is an easy solution for this, it's got to be good for non-experts.

A customer recently told us about Paint.Net. It pretty much fits the bill. It's like a cut down version of Photoshop. It's pretty easy to crop, resize or change resolution. And it can save in JPEG, GIF and PNG formats (amongst others).

It's got further functionality like layers, adjustments, effects, and blending so you can go further if you need/want to.

It doesn't cost a bean and you can download it from www.getpaint.net

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