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Your own website cartoons!

by Iain Wilson

27 November 2009

Here's a great software facility that allows you to make your own cartoon movies using your own script. Once you've created the movie you can send it via email, or publish it on your website or even YouTube.

It's called Xtranormal. People are using it for all manner of things - telling jokes, making funny videos. In the right situation, it can also be used for business reasons such as tutorials or advertising products/events/services which of course can go on your site or through YouTube or even as viral advertising through an email that will generates a momentum of its own.

The cartoon below took around a minute to create (notwithstanding that no work went into the dialogue), so it's a pretty easy and quick way to generate some animated content. Once you've entered in the dialogue and any staging instructions, you generate the movie. It's held on the xtranormal site and you can embed it into a webpage using html or if you use the Blot CMS, you can use that.

The service is online and free. Xtranormal also have a free downloadable application called STATE, which runs on your PC and gives more features than the online version.

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