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Winter at Blot Design

by Iain Wilson

12 December 2007

We've added a little winter touch to our website - snowflakes falling through the colour splash on our home page. Here's how to do it for yourself.

The effect is done using Adobe Flash and is pretty simple to do - just get your background image, then a transparent snowflake image, make it a symbol, then create a succession of motion tweens from the top of the background to the bottom. You maybe want to fade out some of the flakes as they fall to make it look more real.

The slightly tricky bit is when you want it to appear to be snowing continuously. The way to do this is when you get to the end of your timeline, have a few tweens that end in the middle of the image. Not their ending XY co-ordinates then got back to the start and in the first frame, create the snowflake symbol in exactly the same places as their ending location (a layer each) then tween them to the bottom on the image. When you loop the movie, it looks like the snow is continuous.

Happy Christmas!!

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