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Informatics Ventures - Teaming with Start-ups

Scottish educational events for business

by Iain Wilson

31 July 2014
Dr Colin Adams

The business startup culture and eco-system is flourishing in Scotland and one of the organisations who really make a difference is Informatics Ventures.

They run events and educational programmes for budding entrepreneurial individuals and startup companies throughout the year.  

Their annual EIE showcase gives companies the chance to pitch their products to investors from all over the world.  Not only do the lucky companies get to pitch, they also get training on how to do it, so they are more prepared than ever.

Yesterday was their Teaming with Start-ups event in Glasgow in partnership with Scottish Enterprise.  It was aimed at letting 12 emerging companies pitch their products and solutions to the audience and outline the gaps in their teams that needed to be filled to take them to the next level.

Preceding the pitches was a highly informative and entertaining talk about building a team from John Innes, ex-CEO of Amor Group, who recently exited that business with its sale to Lockheed Martin.  Like many entrepreneurs, John admitted to shortfalls in many of the traditional requirements of a manager, but gave us some nuggets about employing people - primarily, employ people who are unlike yourself!

The talent pitches were excellent and gave an indication of some of the depth of innovation and ingenuity that is coming out of Scottish business.  

Interestingly, almost without exception, each company was looking for some element of help with business development and sales.  As was mentioned, in the UK we tend not to put value on sales skills until we realise how fundamental it is to business.

John Swinney at Informatic Ventures

The day was wrapped up by our Cabinet Secretary for Finance, John Swinney.  The fact that he could find time in his schedule to come along and talk at an event like this just emphasises what a great place Scotland is right now for business startups with good ideas and execution.

IV Tuesdays

Informatics Ventures also run a semi-regular talk series where they get business figures to talk about some aspect of their business experience.  

Next one is Robin Saxby on 23 September.  Well worth the time.

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