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Are mobile users frightened of your site?

Warnings for poor pages

by Iain Wilson

15 July 2014
Google serp result

If your website is a few years old and developed using old technology, this could be big, big news for you and your business.

On Google's Webmaster Blog, they've made an important announcement about how their search results will look that could affect the search traffic sent to your site dramatically.

"Starting today, we will indicate to searchers when our algorithms detect pages that may not work on their devices."

What does this mean?  Well, it means searchers will get a message similar to the one above if your website is detected as potentially not working properly on the device.

Note the words 'May not work on your device'.  What do you think are the chances of a web user clicking on your site if they see that message?  

Pretty slim, I'm guessing.

Mobile starting to dominate?

Given that currently around 50% of searches originate from mobile devices and will probably overtake those from PC devices shortly, this has massive implications for you if your site is not mobile friendly.

In particular, Adobe Flash is not supported on the latest versions of IOS or Android, so if you're site is built in Flash, you're in trouble.

It's not wholly clear at this stage to what extent the device capability checking will go to but if you've been thinking about getting your site re-done with a responsive design, this should be enough motivation.

Time to go responsive

Responsive design has become the norm.  It means that your website reacts to the device that is viewing it, sizing it appropriately, laying out the content so that it can be best viewed and allowing it to be navigated without pinch and zoom or horizontal scrolling.

Existing sites can be adapted to be responsive, so it doesn't necessarily mean a new design is necessary.  

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