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Google doesn't use Twitter and Facebook signals

Likes and followers not relevant to SEO

by Iain Wilson

23 January 2014

Now here's something pretty interesting recently announced by Google's head of spam, Matt Cutts.

Google DO NOT treat Twitter and Facebook pages any different from any other pages.  It doesn't use Twitter and Facebook 'signals' in the ranking algorithm.  

What does this mean?  Well, it means that the number of followers or 'Likes' you have on Twitter or Facebook don't really affect how your site ranks on Google search results.  

Now this runs counter to what many SEO companies and experts have been advising over the last few years, so it is a significant announcement.  

It doesn't mean that Twitter or Facebook are irrelevant in a SEO sense, though, because if there are links to content on your site from a lot of Twitter accounts or Facebook pages, you will still get credit for the links.  

But just trying to up your follower numbers and likes won't make any difference to your search ranking - at least for now.

In the video, Matt goes into why Google don't use these signals, and their reasons make good sense.

What's also interesting is that he doesn't mention Google+ at all.  Now, I'm betting that the Google+ signals DO count.

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