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by Iain Wilson

31 August 2013
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Back in 2006, when we started our article blog, things were a little different.  

We integrated Wordpress into our site (slightly unusual in those days) and we switched comments on.  

We modestly wondered if visitors would leave any comments at all (why would they?).  But really we were hopeful they would leave loads of interesting thoughts and questions that we could respond to.

Well, we needed have worried about them leaving any comments.  They left plenty.  

Unfortunately, the comments were absolute rubbish.  Approximately 99% were spam links trying to get backlinks to impress Google and raise their ranking.

So we switched comments off.  

Blogging and social media have grown and changed a lot since then.  Engagement is a key process in connecting with the world.  Leaving constructive comment and engaging in a conversation on blogs and social media is a normal reality.  Plus, Google have got extremely agressive with spam linking and it is certainly less of a problem.

All this has let us to enabling commenting again on the Blot article blog.  Let's see how it goes.  Please use it freely and constructively.

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