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  May 2017

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Amazon Echo v Google Home
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Amazon Echo v Google Home

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be flavour of the month at the moment so we thought you might be interested in comparisons between the two current 'hot' home assistants.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are both 'smart' speakers that will interpret your voice commands and hopefully respond the way you'd like them to. The Echo has been in the market for a while now, so the Home has been playing catch-up and at the recent Google conference a host of new features were announced.

Ask them a question like 'who is the president of Singapore' and they will likely give you the right answer. But what else can they do and who does it better?

It depends on why you really want one.

Echo v Google …


Headlining Ideas

Legendary copywriters like Schwab and Caples would spend days working on an advertisement's title, and I'm sure the best ones these days do, too.

But here's a tool that might help you if you're struggling to come up with a title for a blog post or something similar.

The Content Idea Generator will do just that - generate a content idea - if you supply it with a starting word or phrase.

It's fun to see what it comes up with depending on what phrase you provide - the ruder the better.

But it might also generate something you can use, or perhaps an idea you can modify to suit your needs.

Try it out …

Bad Bots!

Net neutrality is an issue all of its own - current rules in the US mean that all internet traffic should be treated equally, and now the Trump administration (natch!) is trying to change legislation so that ISP can charge companies more for premium delivery.

This month has seen hundreds of thousands of comments logged on the FCC (regulatory body for internet in US) website, apparently in support of changing the rules.

Thing is, it looks like these comments came from software 'bots' - automated software that is smart enough to register comments using identities harvested from websites.

Software bots are this year's thing - developers all over the world are writing bot software to automatically deal with tedious tasks usually done by humans.

Don't you love technology?

Read more …


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