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September 2006

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Find that classic video clip

Signs for the times

Your blog can increase business

Don't get caught out with HR problems


Find that classic video clip
Here's a great site that you might not have heard about yet.

It's called You Tube and no, it's not a website that hurls Scottish insults at you. It's a social networking video site where people can publish their own videos. It has been hugely successful and there are probably millions of video clips on it. You can use the search facility to search for practically anything.

I found clips of the two Eddie Gray wonder goals for Leeds Utd against Burnley in the seventies which some of our older readers might remember!

I'm sure there is some less than tasteful content on it, so be careful, read the safety instructions, but if you are searching for that long lost TV clip or song, this might be the place to find it.

Welcome to September's newsletter - need to get your business noticed?....

  • Signs for the times
  • We've recently launched a new site, featuring our Content Management system for Sign-A-Rama, the premier Edinburgh business signmaker.

    Their signs are all about getting your business noticed. They love what they do - and they're good at it!

    Go to their home page> and see one of their signs coming right out at you. Refresh the page and you'll see another.

    They provide signs for every kind of business you can thing of. Have a look at the Products page to see their range and examples of recent work. There are :

    • Office signs
    • Retail signs
    • Industrial signs>
    • Bars, clubs and restaurant signs
    • Hotels and leisure signs
    • Exhibition signs
    • Education signs
    • Vehicle signs
    So if you need to improve your business's visibility, get in touch with Tom, Lorraine, Andy or Adele at Sign-A-Rama.

    View the sign products....
  • Your blog can increase business
  • Last month, we featured an article called What's all the fuss about blogs?.

    In our continuing series of articles about blogs, this month we look at how you can use blog articles to increase business.

    Learn how to give your visitors useful information that will make them want to contact you and how your search engine ranking can be improved - it's as easy as falling off a blog!

    Read the article...
  • Don't get caught out with HR problems
  • Blot Design is a member of BNI, the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each month we showcase member companies that might be of interest to you.

    This month we'd like to introduce you to Avenell HR Solutions.

    Avenell is an HR Consultancy that provides HR advice to small to medium size companies.

    With the growth of Employment Legislation it is now essential that all organisations, especially smaller companies, are aware of their obligations to their employees, such as Employment Contracts, Age Discrimination, and Disciplinary/Grievance procedures.

    It is no longer practical to 'hold your breath' and hope your staffing problems will resolve themselves.

    Avenell help you develop these policies customised to your particular needs and conforming to best HR practice and ACAS recommendations, to reduce the risk and costs of ending up at an Employment Tribunal:

    • award settlement
    • management time
    • lawyer's fees
    • disruption in the workplace
    Avenell are currently offering a free audit of your company’s HR policies.

    If you need help with you HR policies or would like to take up the free audit offer, call Dave Harrold on 0131 332 5368 or email him at dave.harrold@avenellhr.co.uk.

    Interested in joining BNI?
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