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Google spoil Yahoo's Ebay party

Perfect, personal craft gifts online

What use is a blog?

Lead your company to success with P3


Google spoil Yahoo's Ebay party
At the end of May this year, Yahoo did a deal with eBay that, among other things, would see Yahoo 'pay-per-call' advertisements on eBay sites.

These ads would allow web users to directly phone the advertiser's customer service and sales reps using Internet phone technology such as the eBay-owned Skype.

The deal only covered the US, and now Google have spoiled Yahoo's day by brokering a similar deal with eBay for all non-US eBay sites.

With Internet advertising growing at over 20% per annum, there are big biccies to be made. With these giants getting together, look out for even more advertising and a bigger push on the Internet phone front.

Welcome to August's newsletter - with an opportunity to buy that special gift online....

  • Perfect, personal craft gifts online
  • Thing of Beauty is a brand new company whose aim is bring together a collection of beautiful craft products made by designers and craftmakers from all over the UK.

    We've just completed their new website which uses the Blot Design eCommerce and Content Management System to provide an online boutique of the products and gifts.

    Run by Anne Orr, Thing of Beauty works with individual craftmakers as well as larger companies to produce a product range that is personal, always changing and never dull.

    So you can be sure when you buy a gift from Thing of Beauty for that special occasion that it will be, as Keats said, 'a joy forever'.

    You can see Thing of Beauty products at Stand B4, Home & Interiors Scotland Exhibition at the SECC, Glasgow, 9th/10th September.

  • What use is a blog?
  • There are estimated to be more than 60 million blogs in the world. What's all the fuss about and can it do anything for my business?

    Well, a good proportion of these blogs are just throwaway nonsense containing rambling steams of consciousness that are only interesting to the author. But business has found a way of putting the blogging software to good use - by providing good information to their target markets and improving their search engine ranking.

    If you can string a few sentences together and show your company to be an authority in your field, blogging might be the perfect way to attract more visitors and business to your website.

    Find out more...
  • Lead your company to success with P3
  • Blot Design is a member of BNI, the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each month we showcase member companies that might be of interest to you.

    This month we'd like to introduce you to P3 Leadership.

    Most successful businesses can point to strong leadership as one of the key reasons for their success.

    Good leadership generates clear objectives in a business and a motivated workforce, and it is essential to have both leadership and management skills throughout your organisation.

    P3 Leadership can help managers to learn, practise and develop these skills through running workshops, 1-1 management coaching, and consulting.

    If you think you or your managers could benefit from leadership skills training, give Bill Atkinson a call on 0131-551-3775 or email bill@p3leadership.co.uk

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