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April 2006

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Big Daddy havoc

Get your lasers here!

Google speed limit

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Big Daddy havoc
Google have been doing one of their periodic updates. This one's called Big Daddy and it has caused havoc with quite a few sites out there.

These updates usually come with stories of sites being dropped or losing Page Rank, and this one is no exception.

Our experience with this one indicates that relatively static sites have had pages dropped or put on to the Google 'Supplementary' list.

What can you do if your site has suffered? Not much - it looks like Google are still tuning it. But it's another good reason to not put all your search engine eggs in the Google basket! Don't forget the other engines and directories - they can all help bring customers to your site.

Welcome to April's newsletter. As usual, lots going on..

  • Get your lasers here!
  • After what seems an epic development project, the new Photonic Solutions webshop site has been launched.

    Designed to fit in with their corporate site, it allows customers to buy laser and optoelectronic products online. The site includes integration with their in-house quotation system, whereby customers can purchase previous quotations by dropping them into their shopping cart. It also handles sophisticated VAT calculations for worldwide B2B transactions, and comes with a back-end order workflow system to process orders.

    As Douglas Neilson, MD at Photonic Solutions, says, "The new system makes it easier for our customers to buy, and saves us time and effort in fullfillment".

    Photonic Solutions' ecommerce site....
  • Google speed limit
  • Google (and all the search engines, for that matter), are always tinkering with their search ranking algorithms. These algorithims are the rules they use to decide the importance of a site.

    As advertisers, it is very important that their results should be as accurate as possible and should not be infulenced by tricks and hacks.

    Age and activity of a site has always had some importance, but lately we've seen examples where too much activity on previously dormant sites has been penalised.

    So if you're finally going to do that work to your site that you've been putting off for years, watch out for the Google Speed Limit!

    Read the full story...
  • Need financial advice?
  • Blot Design is a member of BNI, the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each month we showcase member companies that might be of interest to you.

    This month we'd like to introduce you to Positive Solutions.

    Finding the right Independent Financial Adviser can be a complicated and daunting process. Offering a different, yet professional service is essential in today’s cluttered market. Positive Solutions provide a wide range of different, yet effective solutions:

    • An ethical way of dealing with clients
    • A truly unique advisory process
    • Advanced servicing for all clients
    • All clients get an online web view of their financial affairs
    Graeme Jeffrey from Positve Solutions provides a personal touch when it comes to dealing with your personal finances. And his impartial advice is delivered on a no fee basis.

    So if you need some help with your finances, get in touch with Graeme today.

    Interested in joining BNI?
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