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October 2005

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Children 1st - 120 years of helping children

New website for Inverclyde Biologicals

The keyword misconception

Interested in growing your business?


Children 1st - 120 years of helping children
CHILDREN 1ST is one of Scotland's leading child welfare charities. For more than 120 years it has been working to give every child in Scotland a safe and secure childhood. Children 1st support families under stress, protect children from harm and neglect, help them recover from abuse and promote children's rights and interests.

This year Spear Connect were happy to donate a website development prize for Children 1st's May Ball Auction. The result is Inverclyde Biologicals new site (see first item on right).

If you or your company is looking to participate in a worthy cause, look no further than Children 1st. Contact Erin at 0131 446 2315 or email to discuss how you can contribute.


Well, almost at the end of October and getting near Christmas all the time. This month we've got good causes, new sites and cautionary tales........

  • New website for Inverclyde Biologicals
  • Inverclyde Biologicals provide a range of specialist fluid reagents for use in blood banks, hospitals and universities all over the world from their base in Belshill.

    They are supporters of the Children 1st charity (see item on left) and outbid everyone to win the web site development prize we donated at the Edinburgh May Ball.

    Their new site is now a search engine friendly, standards compliant, accessible platform that showcases their product range and will help attract additional distributors around the world.

    Inverclyde Biological's new site....
  • The keyword misconception
  • Recently a lot have people have asked us about keywords and their importance to search engines.

    Keywords phrases are important. They are the phrases that you should identify as those that your potential customers might type into a search engine.

    It's important to get those phrases in the 'copy' used on your web-site in the right proportion - not too much and not too little. It's also important to get the phrases used in links that point to your website. The misconception about keywords is that they can be stuffed or hidden in 'meta' tags or invisible text as a magical way to get high search engine rankings. This will not help on the important engines these days and could even get your site banned if a search engine thinks you are trying to cheat!

    So give up ideas of quick fix shortcuts when it comes to keywords and

    1. Write good copy for your pages with keywords in them
    2. Get links pointing to your site that use your preferred keywords

    Our search engine services...
  • Interested in growing your business?
  • We are members of BNI, the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Our group meet once a week to exchange business leads between the members. The thing is that although we do business between the members, most of the leads come from other people and businesses that the members know - so we all get business and expand our circle of contacts at the same time.

    It doesn't work for every business but it's certainly worked for us. Our group is currently looking to recruit new members for a range of cateories. If you'd like to meet like-minded business people each week and get more business leads, come along and visit our group to see what it's like.

    Just give us a call at 0131 478 2606 for more details.

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