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August 2005

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Yahoo buys Konfabulator - software becomes free!

Photonic Solutions products go Googleing

Can RSS help your business?

Want to reduce your business overheads?


Yahoo buys Konfabulator - software becomes free!
Konfabulator is a software tool that runs on your computer desktop. It contains configurable 'widgets' that can do lots of things like show weather forecasts (amazingly, Scotland is catered for!), show stocks, help you with Suduko etc, etc. They’re small and you can get to the information much quicker than opening your web browser.

There are already over 1000 of these widgets in the widget gallery but now Yahoo has now bought it, you can bet there will be plenty more coming in the future.

The software used to cost around $20 but now it's free! So it's worth checking it out to see if it can make your desktop life easier.

Download it here...


Welcome to August's edition. Summer's almost gone but news keeps coming........

  • Photonic Solutions products go Googleing
  • Photonic Solutions are a successful Edinburgh company who distribute laser and optoelectronics products all over the world

    They have been using web technology for years to help their business and have a sophisticated product database system that drives their website and ecommerce online ordering.

    Deciding it was time to make some improvements, their brief to us was straightforward:

    • Retain existing database engine and presentation
    • Modernise and standardise overall look and feel
    • Introduce a new product search facility
    • Improve search engine visibility
    Well, we did all that for them and gave them a little bonus. It had never been possible to get each product from the database indexed by the search engines before. But with our skills and not inconsiderable effort, we found a technique to make every single product findable via Google, Yahoo etc!!

    Now their all their products can potentially be found by customers anywhere in the world.

    Go to the web site....
  • Can RSS help your business?
  • When you use the internet right now, you maybe use a search engine to look for the information you're after, then you find a site or sites and read through the information that's there (or isn't!), right?

    Well, it might not always be like that. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) may well change the way people get information from your web site.

    RSS sends out a website's information rather than waiting for your customers to come and get it. It really is "don't call us, we'll call you".

    The information is typically sent to customer's PCs (maybe to a Konfabulator widget, see left), PDAs, mobiles.

    There are lots of companies spending vasts amounts of money gearing up for RSS and the search engines love it, too.

    Think RSS syndication might be good for your company? Get in touch, we can help.

    Our search engine services
  • Want to reduce your business overheads?
  • We are members of BNI, the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each month we showcase member companies that might be of interest to you.

    This month we'd like to introduce you to Canturian Cost Consultants

    Canturian specialise in reducing overheads for small/medium businesses. They audit your bills for expenses such as office cleaning, phones, mobiles, consumables, computers, printing etc and work out where you are paying too much, then source 'best value' products and services from their database.

    So if you think your expenses are too high, but need to concentrate on running your business get in touch with Rob at Canturian for a Financial Health Check. He's spent 10 years as an accountant so he knows how to sharpen those figures!

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