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July 2005

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Expose your site with Google Sitemaps

Give your body a health check MOT!

Anchor text for improved search engine positioning

Extensions and conversion - The Secret to a Stress Free Project


Expose your site with Google Sitemaps
Google recently announced a service that allows you to tell them about your site. It's called Google Sitemap and you get to tell them:
  • the pages you want indexed
  • how important they are relative to each other
  • how often they change
Anything that helps you tell Google about your site has got to be a benefit, right?

So far, we've found it really helps get sluggish pages indexed by Google, but the biggest benefit is for pages that Google will never, ever find using it's normal spidering technique.

These can be dynamic database pages or just pages that aren't linked to your main site pages. There may also be a, so far unqualified, potential Google boost just by participating in their scheme. If it works, it's worth trying!!

If you think your site would benefit from a Google sitemap, get in touch today to find out how.


Welcome to July's edition. Along with a fabulous new site from Ainsbury, we've got some Google developments and someone who can help you finally get that house extension done........

  • Give your body a health check MOT!
  • We don't hesitate to put our cars in for a service or MOT, but when was the last time we did the same for our body?

    Our featured site this month is Ainsbury's Health Screening who, in conjuction with Nuffield Hospitals, provide a range of health checks for individuals and companies. There are screening centres all over the country, including one in central Edinburgh.

    Just like a car service, regular screening checks are your insurance policy for early detection of potential problems - except it's dealing with your health!!

    Are you ready for your MOT? It could be most important tune-up you've ever had!

    Employers note - there are special rates and schemes for groups and companies.

    Go to the web site....
  • Anchor text for improved search engine positioning
  • Last month we highlighted how important your web site page titles were to search engines. Continuing in this vein, this month we want to talk about anchor text.

    Anchor text is the text that is used in the hyperlink on other sites to link to your site.

    You probably know that to rate highly on Google, you must have other sites linking to you. Google now appear to put even more importance on the text in those link than ever before.

    For example, a link that says 'Fred's Cafe' is less valuable than one that says 'Edinburgh Seafood Restaurant' because the latter contains keywords that people might use on a search engine to find your site.

    So, make sure you when you request links, you ask for your site keyword phrases to be included in the link.

    Our search engine services
  • Extensions and conversion - The Secret to a Stress Free Project
  • Spear Connect is a member of BNI, the most successful business networking group in the world.

    Each month we showcase member companies that might be of interest to you.

    This month we'd like to introduce you to Arctec Architectural Services

    Ever built an extension to your house or converted an attic? Didn't know where to begin? Was it hard co-ordinating architects, structural engineers, builders, tradesmen, the council? Yes? Well have a look at Artec. They turn these kind of nightmares into a dream - because they handle everything!! - and at very competitive prices.

    Arctec will prepare your architectural drawings, liaise with your local Council, source the builder and can even project manage the building work.

    So if you're thinking about a conversion or renovation, get in touch with Kevin Gallagher at Arctec on 0870 700 0146. It's a friendly, personal service, there's no chage for the initial consultation - then just sit back and relax while Arctec take care of everything for you.

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