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Pairing Nexus 7 and iPhone (updated for Android 4.2)

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by Iain Wilson

8 November 2012
Nexus to iPhone pairing

As web developers we use a range of mobile and tablet apps to check and look after our websites.  The Nexus 7 is our tablet of choice and what a fabulous tablet it is!  

Fits inside my jacket pocket and gives access to everything I need when I'm away from the office.  

I used to use my iPhone for that kind of thing but it is just that little bit too small.

Of course the Nexus 7 only has Internet access when Wi-Fi is available which can be a bit of a problem when you're out and about.  No problem I thought, I can just tether it to my iPhone via Personal Hotspot and Bluetooth and will have a 3G connection.

Not quite as simple as that.  Every time I tried to pair the two devices, they saw each other and both had the same security id, but the Nexus seemed to think they had paired but the iPhone didn't and was coming up with messages such as 'Nexus 7 not supported'.

After several hours and I found that the way to do it involved a strict sequence of actions, so here they are.  These are for Android 4.2, so if you're using an older OS on the Nexus, the Bluetooth steps are slightly different.

  1. Switch OFF Wi-Fi on both devices.
  2. Switch Personal Hotspot ON on you iPhone.
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone.  Make it discoverable if you have the option.
  4. Enable Bluetooth on your Nexus 7.  Make it visible and search for devices.
  5. On the Nexus 7, initiate pairing with the iPhone.
  6. On the iPhone, accept the pairing when the message appears.
  7. On the Nexus 7, accept the pairing.
  8. The iPhone will have a Not Connected status, but the Nexus will say it is paired.
  9. On the Nexus 7, touch the iPhone's name in the Paired Devices list.  It should then show Internet Access under Profiles.  Check the box beside Internet Access and it will then connect.  On pre-4.2 Nexus, it should connect without the box checking step.
  10. The iPhone will show Personal Hotspot: 1 Connection at the top of the screen and you should now be able to connect to the Internet from the Nexus 7.

Once you've done this successfully, the devices should remember each other and you won't have to do steps 5-8 again.

Hope it works for you!


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